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Midnight Lady by Chris Norman

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Watch the video and do the following exercises.
Write in the missing words. The images may help.

You think love is a , love is a motion
�and so deep, always emotion

I've got many , to reach tomorrow
Love will always grow, no , no sorrow

When you take me in your , you can me with your heart
I feel the magic of your , oh, you're tearing me apart

Choose the correct verbs.

Midnight lady, love time
Midnight lady, it's hard to
Midnight lady, I your name
I you can my pain

Midnight lady, just you and me
Midnight lady, eternally
Midnight lady, I can in your arms
I high

Unscramble the words in brackets.

Magic (ecodthu) my life, I'm still (rgdanmei)
Anything (foeber) has lost its meaning

(Heneav) in your eyes, my soul is on (rife)
Oh, my feelings (owgr), we can't go higher

Oh, I just (atwn) a girl, baby, just to call my own
And I just wanna dream, I don't have to dream (enloa)

Unscramble the following lines.

� Midnight lady, I call your name

� Midnight lady, it's hard to find

��Midnight lady, love takes time

� I know you can ease my pain

� Midnight lady, eternally

� Midnight lady, just you and me

� Midnight lady, I can fly in your arms

� I'll get high