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Prepositions with means of transport

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Supply a proper preposition.
Exercise 1
1.     They often travel  car.
2.    I don’t like to go  a train.
3.    You can buy a ticket and go  a bus.
4.    They often go  foot.
5.    People go to work  car.
6.    It is nice to go  a taxi.
7.    I have never travelled  a plane.
8.    More people now go  their cars than  trams.
9.    They prefer to go  bike rather than  foot.
10. Have you ever gone  a train?


Exercise 2


1.     When they went to the USA. They went  plane.

2.    I am afraid of travelling  ferry.
3.    Have you ever been  a ship?
4.    It is expensive to go  a taxi.
5.    I usually go  school bus.
6.    He has a yacht. He often travels  yacht.
7.    They first met  a train.
8.    In ancient times people travelled  horses.
9.    Going  foot is good for your health.
10. To avoid pollution we should go  bicycles more.