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� Choose the right article

1.����� good company

2.����� �new product

3.����� team

4.����� competitor

5.����� precious product

6.����� check

7.����� form

8.����� �important specialist

9.����� �interesting day

10.�big discount



13.�expensive hotel


� Type in�� is, am, are

1.�� I �a person.

2.�� You �people.

3.�� He �a person.

4.�� We �people.

5.�� They �people.

6.�� She �a person.

7.�� It �not a person.

Form Present Simple (I go). �

1.�� I �(buy) a ticket.

2.�� You �(buy) a ticket.

3.�� He �(buy) a ticket.

4.�� We �(buy) a ticket.

5.�� They �(buy) a ticket.

6.�� She �(buy) a ticket.

7.�� It �(buy) a ticket.

Form Present Simple (I go). or Present Continuous (I am going).
1.������ I �(get) in touch with you at the moment.
2.������ I �(get) in touch with competitors every Monday.
3.������ You �(get) in touch with Tom now.
4.������ He �(get) in touch with the same partner every day.
5.������ She �(fill) in the form right now.
6.������ Look! Mark �(fill) in the form to get a discount.
7.������ We always �(hire) a car abroad.
8.������ Listen! Lisa �(speak) English.
9.������ She usually �(speak) English at work.
10.�� I seldom (speak) English at work.