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  Choose the right article

1.       good company

2.       new product

3.       team

4.       competitor

5.       precious product

6.       check

7.       form

8.       important  specialist

9.       interesting  day

10.   big discount

11.   bank

12.   offer

13.   expensive hotel

14.   ticket

  Type in   is, am, are

1.   I  a person.

2.   You  people.

3.   He  a person.

4.   We  people.

5.   They  people.

6.   She  a person.

7.   It  not a person.

Form Present Simple (I go).  

1.   I  (buy) a ticket.

2.   You  (buy) a ticket.

3.   He  (buy) a ticket.

4.   We  (buy) a ticket.

5.   They  (buy) a ticket.

6.   She  (buy) a ticket.

7.   It  (buy) a ticket.

Form Present Simple (I go). or Present Continuous (I am going).
1.       I  (get) in touch with you at the moment.
2.       I  (get) in touch with competitors every Monday.
3.       You  (get) in touch with Tom now.
4.       He  (get) in touch with the same partner every day.
5.       She  (fill) in the form right now.
6.       Look! Mark  (fill) in the form to get a discount.
7.       We always  (hire) a car abroad.
8.       Listen! Lisa  (speak) English.
9.       She usually  (speak) English at work.
10.   I seldom (speak) English at work.