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There + BE / Indefinite and Negative Pronouns / Much, Many, Few, Little / Present Simple

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There + BE / Indefinite and Negative Pronouns /
Much, Many, Few, Little / Present Simple

Fill in the gaps with the correct word or words. Type only one "_" in case you have to type in more than one word.

1. There   (to be) a meeting at our faculty this week.
2. There  (to be) a woman and two girls in the room 2 hours ago.
3. There  (to be) 3 lectures at university tomorrow.
4. How many students (to be) there at the lecture now?
5. There must  (to be) a mistake in this text.
6. There may   (to be) a storm in their region yesterday.
7. I’ve bought (some / any) coffee.
8. You may take (some / any) of these books; I don't need them right now.
9. Did you make  (some / any) mistakes in your work yesterday?
10. It is a very difficult question; (anybody / somebody / everybody / nobody) knows the answer to it.
11. Give me some paper, please. I  have  (some / any /no) paper to write on.
12. She speaks English (a little / a few).
13. How (many / much) money have you got in your purse?
14. I have (a few / a little) meat and (a few / a little) potatoes to make the soup.
15. I  (to go) to college every day.
16. The college debate competition  (to start) at 11 o'clock.
17. They often  (to read) English newspapers.
18. Mr. and Mrs. Smith   (to live) next door.
19. Where (do / does) she usually (go / goes) on Sundays.
20. Who  (is / does) your best friend?