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There + BE / Indefinite and Negative Pronouns / Much, Many, Few, Little / Present Simple

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There + BE / Indefinite and Negative Pronouns /
Much, Many, Few, Little / Present Simple

Fill in the gaps with the correct word or words. Type only one "_" in case you have to type in more than one word.

1. There � (to be) a meeting at our faculty this week.
2. There� (to be) a woman and two girls in the room 2 hours ago.
3. There� (to be) 3 lectures at university tomorrow.
4. How many students (to be) there at the lecture now?
5. There must� (to be) a mistake in this text.
6. There may�� (to be) a storm in their region yesterday.
7. I�ve bought (some / any) coffee.
8. You may take (some / any) of these books; I don't need them right now.
9. Did you make� (some / any) mistakes in your work yesterday?
10. It is a very difficult question; (anybody / somebody / everybody / nobody) knows the answer to it.
11. Give me some paper, please. I� have� (some / any /no) paper to write on.
12. She speaks English (a little / a few).
13. How (many / much) money have you got in your purse?
14. I have (a few / a little) meat and (a few / a little) potatoes to make the soup.
15. I� (to go) to college every day.
16. The college debate competition� (to start) at 11 o'clock.
17. They often� (to read) English newspapers.
18. Mr. and Mrs. Smith� �(to live) next door.
19. Where (do / does) she usually (go / goes) on Sundays.
20. Who� (is / does) your best friend?