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New York

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1.Write the words next to the pictures

���� ��
��� �� ��
2.Complete the sentences with either the simple present or the present continuous

a.My brother and I��(visit) Ground Zero every weekend.�

����������� b.Your sister��(shopping) in Fifth Avenue at the moment�.
���������� c.In New York, I��(wake up) �at 6 o'clock every day�.
��� ������ d.Be quiet, we (listen) �to "An Englishman in New York"
�� ������� e.I always (look)���� up when I (walk) in Manhattan.
3.����� Irregular Verbs :� fill in the blanks
�������� �forgotten
�������� fall ����������������� ���� fallen
�������� �� stole�������������� stolen
������������ ����� taken
�������� see���������������� ������� seen
������� ��� showed��������� shown
������� ��� thrown
������� give������������ � ���� given
4.�� Transform the following sentences from the present to the past (using the simple past)
������ a. She eats many apples every day������� =>� She �many- apples every day
������ b. My father drives a blue car�� =>�� My father � a blue car.
������ c.� I do my homework regularly� =>� I �my homework regularly.
������ d.� I draw�a sketch of the New York skyline => I �a sketch of the New York�skyline.
������ e.� I am happy to go on holiday� => I �happy to go on holiday.
������ f.� Are you sad because you've lost ? => �you happy because you've lost ?
����� g.� I go to the cinema�� => Yesterday, I � to the cinema.
����� h.� They never drink milk� =>� They never �milk.
�5.�� Write the questions for the given answers.

����������� a. �� I'm American.� ?

���������� �b.��� In Harlem,New York. ?
����������� c.���� I'm 13.?
���������� d.��� I've got two brothers. ?
���������� e.���� My best friend is 12.?
������� �� f.����� I was born on May 22nd 1998 in Harlem �?

6.��� Read the text and answer the questions.

����Bank of America Tower is a 1,200�ft (366�m)�skyscraper�in the�Midtown�district of�Manhattan�in�New York City, in the�United States.� It is located�� on�Sixth Avenue, between�42nd�and 43rd Streets, opposite�Bryant Park.

The�US$1 billion�project was designed by�COOKFOX Architects, to be one of the most efficient and ecologically friendly buildings in the world. It is the�third tallest building in New York City, after�One World Trade Center�and the�Empire State Building, and the�fifth tallest building in the United States. Construction was completed in 2009.

Environmental features� :� The design of the building makes it environmentally friendly, [...] The tower also features a�greywater�system, which captures rainwater�for reuse.Bank of America states that the building is made of recycled and recyclable materials.�[...]. � Because of its environmentally friendly design the Bank of America Tower is what we call a green building.

������ a.�� What's the name of this skyscraper ?���

������ b.� �Where is it located ?�
������ c.��� What's its height ?����
������ d.�� When was the construction completed ?
������ e.�� How much did this project cost ?���
7.�� For your school's magazine you will write a short article about New York of at least 50 words.
������ New York City �in New York , in the �of the United States.� There �five �in New York City:
������ Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. In �you can find many . The � were the�
����� World Trade Centre, also known as the , but �destroyed by the 9/11 attacks. �the
����� Flatiron building, the �and the Chrysler building.� In �you can do many �such as :
����� skating, �a boat, �a walk or �the Zoo.