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Incomplete (song)

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'Incomplete'- Backstreet Boys

1. Put the following words in the gaps

guess      place       faces       holes        rest         spaces   

Empty  fill me up with

Distant  with no  left to go

Without you within me I can't find no

Where I'm going is anybody's

2. Unscramble the following lines

 I'm awake

 for this heart to be unbroken

 I pray

 I tried to go on

 but my world is half asleep

 But without you

 like I never knew you

 all I'm going to be is incomplete

3. Choose the correct word of the two

NoisesVoicestell me I should carryhurryon

But I am sinkingswimmingin an ocean all alone

Baby, my baby

It's written on your facegaze

You still ponderwonderif we made a big mistake

4. Match the two columns

1.  I tried to go on a.  but my world is half asleep
2.  I'm awake b.  for this heart to be unbroken
3.  I pray c.  all I'm going to be is incomplete
4.  But without you d.  like I never knew you

5. Fill in the missing verbs

I don't  to drag it on,

but I can't  to let you go

I don't wanna  you  this world alone

I wanna  you go (oh-oh)

6. Choose the correct option

I  to go on like I never  you

I'm awake but my  is half asleep

I  for this heart to be

But without you all I'm going to be is incomplete



7. Fill in the table with the following words according to their vowel sounds that could rhyme

with space, guess, hole (Try to write them in the same order they are given)

test      show      row     trace     less     make      through     throw    gate     coal     mice     praise     hall       rest     legs      spice      geese        alone       could      host      maze      mess