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Phrases with "Put, Pull, and Set"

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Vocabulary: Phrases with "Set", "Pull", and "Put"
By: Adonai Jaimes Santos.
INSTRUCTIONS: Read the each set and look for a word in the wordsearch that fits in the three sentences. You do not need to change the tense of the words. Click on the letters to form each word. The words appear only from left to right and from up to down.


1. The survivor of the plane accident had to  the gauntlet and survive the media.

After having tried several times to  the program, John realized he had not installed it.

AMLO made an unsuccessful  for president in 2006.


2. Now that democracy has arrived to Iraq, the wheels of change have been set in .

When they , it will be time for us to follow them. That is our signal.

The congressmen finally approved a  to improve our health´s system.


3. The champion gave the challenger two  directly on his jaw to knock him out.

My little son  his money away since he told me he would buy a present for his mother.

If Travis wants to keep his job, he will need to pull his  up, and try to do better.


4. Sony will  the new PS4 at the end of this year. Everybody is going to be able to buy it.

That was a really beautiful wedding ceremony. I think Carla ran a tight .

Ted could not stand pressure and jumped . Nobody knew he had resigned.


5. I don´t like the sound of her voice. It really sets my teeth on .

You will need to  if you don´t want her to notice you are leaving the room.

Clara stood on the  of the cliff and saw his love fading out in the horizon.


6. Diane rejected me the first time, but I will try to conquer her. Nothing has been set in .

During some riots, people tend to  police officers and government´s buildings to show their discontent.

I hardly recognized Mike when I saw him again. I think he has gained at least one .


7. Keep  on this way for three miles and you will get to Radiator Springs.

Marlon put the record  and denied having agreed with the senator´s opinion.

Though many believe Tony is gay, he likes women. He is  as far as I know.


8. My father used to beat me at chess but now I run  round him.

My girlfriend  me up every afternoon, but today she hasn´t called.

Don´t forget to turn off the . You don´t want the house to blow up, do you?


9. Although Bryan has set out his entire , he didn´t manage to get the promotion.

My children usually sell some fresh drinks at a at the side of the road.

It is very common that Toyotas  all the time and refuse to start again.


10. The problem with the software is that it did not recognize , but only single characters.

It is a business proposition, pure and simple. No  attached.

Martha knows the boss since they were on secondary school. He pulled the  for her.