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ESL competition for 8th graders

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Opstinsko takmicenje iz engleskog jezika, 1999

Priredila: Biljana Mihajlovic

I���� Use the correct form of each verb given below and complete the letter. You may need to use some verbs MORE THAN ONCE.

FLY����� LEAVE������ REACH���� STAY���� MEET���� BE���� GET���� EAT

Frankfurt, May 27, 1998

Dear Clare,

I� Australia at the end of April and now I� closer to Britain every day! I� now with my germain penfriend. Last night we� some frankfurters. They� delicious! I enjoyed� them. We� home until after midnight. On Wednesday I� to Belgium. Peter� me at the airport if my letter� him in time.

See you soon,

���� Love,�Patricia.

II���� This is the questionaire for the members of the drama club. Use the words in brackets to make questions.

Example: Who is your favourite actor?

������������������ (who / favourite actor)

1. ?

���� (when / born)

2. ?

���� (how long / a member of the club)

3. ?

�����(what / especially / interested in)

III���� Complete the text. Fill in the gaps where necessary. If no words are necessary, write *

Have you ever dreamed� going� Australia? Here's your chance� win a holiday!� winners will spend four days in Brisbane.� the fifth day they'll visit Sidney� they will see most� the sights tourists never fail to visit, including� Sydney Harbour and� Opera House.

IV���� Correct and rewrite the sentences. In each sentence there is only ONE mistake (not a spelling one).

1. Don't worry! I will pay for me.

2. What is the longest river in the world, the Amazon or the Nile?

3. There were a lots of apples in the basket.

4. The books aren't our, they belong to him.

5. Nobody doesn't live here.

6. He swims quite good for a boy of six.

7. What a nice weather we are having today!����������

V���� Use one of the words given to complete the sentences.

SO������ BECAUSE OF������ ALSO������ BUT������ ALTHOUGH������ BECAUSE

�it was wery late, my friends decided to go out. I couldn't go with them� my kid brother.

I had to babysit for him,� I stayed at home.

VI���� Put these words in the�correct order to make a sentence.

1. the / was / highest / climb / first / mountain / the / he / world's / to

2. our / in / books / how / are / library / many / there ?

3. for / Japanese / good / the / are / cars / famous / their ?

VII���� Complete the conversation:

A: Where's John?�� ? (still / sleep)���

B: Yes. He���(not feel) well. He���(have) a bad cold for the last few days.

A: Oh, it's not just a cold. He�� (not bee) well since his girlfriend�� (leave) him.