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Present Perfect practice

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Present Perfect
I†††††† You are asking Helen questions beginning with Have you ever...? Write the questions:
  1. (London?) Have you ever been to London?
  2. (play/golf?) †?
  3. (Australia?) †?
  4. (lose/your passport?) †?
  5. (fly/in a helicopter?) †?
  6. (eat/Chinese food?) †?
  7. (New York?) †?
  8. (drive a bus?) †?
  9. (break your leg?) †?
II††††† Now write sentences about Helen.
  1. (play/golf) Helen has played golf many times.
  2. (New York) †.
  3. (Australia) †.
  4. (Chinese food) †.
  5. (drive/a bus)†††.
III†††† Write sentences with JUST, ALREADY or YET
  1. (she / go / out)† She hasn't gone out yet.
  2. ( the bus / go)††.
  3. (the bus / go) †.

††† 4.†† (he / open / it) †.

††† 5.†† (they / finish / their dinner) †.
††† 6.†††(it / stop / raining) †.
IV†††††† Complete the email with the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect.

Hi Helen,

Sorry I†havenít written (not write) for ages. I† (be) very busy. We† (have got) a new pet Ė an African Grey Parrot called Jim. I† (attach) a picture of him. He† (live) with us for about six weeks. He† (be) three years old and heís very intelligent. We† (try) to teach him to talk at the moment. He† (understand) a lot of words and he can say some things. When the doorbell rings, he† (say) ĎGo away! Weíre not in!í Itís really funny. He† (not say) my name yet Ė I think itís quite difficult to pronounce. He really† (like) playing with toys. He† (play) with a ball right now.


V††††† Write Bís question each time:

  1. A: Jackís a good mountain climber.
    B: What / high mountain / climb?†††††††† What is the highest mountain he has ever climbed?

  2. A: Weíve seen some very strange animals.
    B: What / strange animal / see?††††††††††† †?

  3. A: I love travelling.
    B: What / good place / visit?††††††††††††††† †?

  4. A: Iíve made a lot of mistakes.
    B: What / bad mistake / make?††††††††††† †?

  5. A: My two brothers love dangerous sports.
    B: What / dangerous thing / do?†††††††††† †?

  6. A: She sometimes does really silly things.
    B: What / crazy thing / do?†††††††††††††††††††?††††††††††††††††

VI†††††† Choose the right reply - Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1 What was the concert like last night?

I donít know. I havenít been.††††††††††††††††††† I donít know. I didnít go.

2 I love Italian food.

Me too. Have you been to Italy?††††††††††††††† Me too. Did you go to Italy?

3 Vicky looks very upset.

Perhaps sheís had some bad news.††††††††††† Perhaps she had some bad news.

4 I saw Beth at the station this morning.

Have you spoken to her?††††††††††††††††††††††††† Did you speak to her?

5 I canít find my mobile phone.

I†hope you didnít lose it.†††††††††††††††††††††††††† I hope you havenít lost it.

6 Have you ever met Helenís French pen friend?

Yes, she came to my birthday party.†††††††† Yes, sheís come to my birthday party.