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Present Perfect practice

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Present Perfect
I������ You are asking Helen questions beginning with Have you ever...? Write the questions:
  1. (London?) Have you ever been to London?
  2. (play/golf?) �?
  3. (Australia?) �?
  4. (lose/your passport?) �?
  5. (fly/in a helicopter?) �?
  6. (eat/Chinese food?) �?
  7. (New York?) �?
  8. (drive a bus?) �?
  9. (break your leg?) �?
II����� Now write sentences about Helen.
  1. (play/golf) Helen has played golf many times.
  2. (New York) �.
  3. (Australia) �.
  4. (Chinese food) �.
  5. (drive/a bus)���.
III���� Write sentences with JUST, ALREADY or YET
  1. (she / go / out)� She hasn't gone out yet.
  2. ( the bus / go)��.
  3. (the bus / go) �.

��� 4.�� (he / open / it) �.

��� 5.�� (they / finish / their dinner) �.
��� 6.���(it / stop / raining) �.
IV������ Complete the email with the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect.

Hi Helen,

Sorry I�haven�t written (not write) for ages. I� (be) very busy. We� (have got) a new pet � an African Grey Parrot called Jim. I� (attach) a picture of him. He� (live) with us for about six weeks. He� (be) three years old and he�s very intelligent. We� (try) to teach him to talk at the moment. He� (understand) a lot of words and he can say some things. When the doorbell rings, he� (say) �Go away! We�re not in!� It�s really funny. He� (not say) my name yet � I think it�s quite difficult to pronounce. He really� (like) playing with toys. He� (play) with a ball right now.


V����� Write B�s question each time:

  1. A: Jack�s a good mountain climber.
    B: What / high mountain / climb?�������� What is the highest mountain he has ever climbed?

  2. A: We�ve seen some very strange animals.
    B: What / strange animal / see?����������� �?

  3. A: I love travelling.
    B: What / good place / visit?��������������� �?

  4. A: I�ve made a lot of mistakes.
    B: What / bad mistake / make?����������� �?

  5. A: My two brothers love dangerous sports.
    B: What / dangerous thing / do?���������� �?

  6. A: She sometimes does really silly things.
    B: What / crazy thing / do?�������������������?����������������

VI������ Choose the right reply - Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1 What was the concert like last night?

I don�t know. I haven�t been.������������������� I don�t know. I didn�t go.

2 I love Italian food.

Me too. Have you been to Italy?��������������� Me too. Did you go to Italy?

3 Vicky looks very upset.

Perhaps she�s had some bad news.����������� Perhaps she had some bad news.

4 I saw Beth at the station this morning.

Have you spoken to her?������������������������� Did you speak to her?

5 I can�t find my mobile phone.

I�hope you didn�t lose it.�������������������������� I hope you haven�t lost it.

6 Have you ever met Helen�s French pen friend?

Yes, she came to my birthday party.�������� Yes, she�s come to my birthday party.