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Okruzno/Gradsko takmicenje, 2002

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Pripremila: Biljana Mihajlovic



I����� Choose the correct option:

1.I don�t like loud music and I don�t like loud people _______ .

also����������������� either��������������� neither������� nor

2. There are _____ cars in the street.

fewer�������������� little����������������� lots����������� less

3. Are ______ English famous ______ their music?

��������� a�������������� because�� of

the�������� an������ ����� on����������� for

4. The dog ______ on the ground and waited.

lies���������������� lied������������������ lain�������� ��� lay

5. Call me when you get home, ______?

should you����� will you������������ shall you������ do you

6. A: ________________________ ?

Do you like a drink?������������ �������� What would you like?

Do you like orange juice?������������� Would you like a drink?

B: Yes, please. I�ll have an orange juice.

7. A: Is there any food left over?

B: Yes, a little. Yes, many.����� Yes, a few.���� Yes, lot.

8. Their breathing was______ .

heavily������������ difficult��������� heavy��������� � hardly

9. It�s lovely to see you both. Please make ______ at home.

yours�������������� you�������������� yourself������� yourselves


A � Report a dialogue

Ann: � Did you get any Valentines, John?�

John: �Yes, I did but I haven�t opened them yet.�

Ann: �Don�t be silly! You�ll enjoy yourself reading them.�

Ann wants to know �.

John says �, but �.

Ann tells him �.

She is sure �.

�B � In each of the following sentences there is one mistake; find it and rewrite the corrected sentence:

1. I�m looking forward to hear from you soon.


2. Shakespeare wrote his latest play in 1613.


3. He will fail his exam if he don�t study hard.


4. Japanese people is very hard working.


5. She�s having a new boyfriend now.


III�� Choose one of the verbs given below and fill in each blank with the correct form/tense of the verb. You should use each verb only once.

READ ��������� ARRIVE������� SIT���� ��������� GET�� ��������� REMEMBER

MEAN�������� SHAKE�������� OCCUPY������ HURRY�������� STEP

Gina �down from the train and put her suitcase on the platform. People� everywhere. Porters� with other passengers. A young woman� on a bench� an English magazine. Gina went up to her. �Excuse me�, she said. �Can you tell me how� to the circus?� �What (you) �? What circus?�, the young woman asked. Gina� her head. �I�m sorry. I (just) from Italy to attend a language school. It�s near the circus. Oh, I� now. It�s Oxford Circus.�



There were several valentines on his own desk in the 8A room when he got there, two of them from the girls in the

There were several valentines on his own desk in the 8A room when he got there, two of them from the girls in the back of the room who thought they were stuck on him but whom he didn't like because they both were not very smart, and often not even very clean. These valentines he opened and looked at, in a kind of daze, hardly even seeing them, and then put them down. Then, painfully aware that he was being watched he carefully pulled the big box out of his paper bag and laid it on his desk. Big � it was huge! It looked monstrous to him. He had attached a little card which said: To Margaret, with love, John Slade. He stared at that awhile. It had cost him deeply in pride to even dare to write it. That word. But he couldn't stare at the envelope forever. Margaret Simpson had not yet come into the room, and the bell wouldn't ring for three and a half minutes. Abruptly, suddenly, he knew he couldn't stand it, just could not wait any longer; he hadn't made a promise to himself he would hand it to her, had he? And besides, if he waited to give it to her himself, the way he was now he wouldn't be able to say a word, not a single solitary damned word. He wanted only to be out of sight of everyone. The valentines on his desk gave him an idea. Jerkily, cursing himself for looking so foolish, he picked up the box and walked across the room with it and laid it on Margaret's desk, and then went out into the cloakroom pretending that he had forgotten something in his overcoat.

Margaret Simpson came into the cloakroom with two boys who were on the grade-school varsity basketball team, and they hung up their coats and went inside. He pretended to be busy with his own coat and did not look at them. He sneaked to the door and stuck up the top half of his head around it, grinning foolishly. Margaret was just showing the card, his card to the two boys. She said something he couldn't hear, and then laughed.

He had seen enough and he jerked his head back and crept back to his own coat, pretending to himself he had to get something out of the pocket. He put his hand in the pocket of his coat so that it would look like he was hunting for something in case anybody came in. When the bell rang, he forced himself to walk to the door and to his desk. He sat down, trying hard not to look at anybody. Before the bell rang again, he would have to sit at that desk for fifty whole minutes of his life.

(Taken from �The Valentine� by James Jones)

�1.�� John Slade was

a very daring boy.

very sure of himself.

very popular with girls.

a very shy boy.

2.�� The two girls whose valentines John opened

felt a strong attraction to him.

attracted his attention.

looked very attractive.

used to attract him.

3.�� John laid the box on his desk carefully because

he was aware the box was huge.

he was in pain.

his classmates were watchful.

he wanted to be noticed.

4.�� John Slade

took pride in his card.

prided himself on his card.

had bought a very expensive card.

had swallowed his pride to make the card.

5.�� Three and a half minutes before the bell

John couldn�t stand any longer.

John wasn�t able to say a word.

John panicked and wanted to run away.

John wanted to wait for Margaret to come.

6.�� He went to the cloakroom because

he wanted to hang his coat there.

he was embarrassed about everything.

he wanted the box out of his sight of everyone.

he had forgotten something there in his coat.

7.�� Why did Margaret Simpson laugh?

She felt pleased and happy with the present.

She liked John�s valentine card.

The two boys made her laugh.

The reason is not mentioned in the text.

8.�� When the bell rang he sat down at his desk

trying not to look cheerful.

trying to avoid everybody�s look.

trying not to sit there for fifty minutes.

trying to force himself to walk to the door.