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verb forms in passive sentences

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Fill in the correct verb form in the passive sentences.

Active: My dad cleans the garden.

Passive: The garden� by my dad.

A: I will eat lunch at 2 o�clock.

P: Lunch� at 2 o�clock.

A: The printer has already printed the first page.

P: The first page by the printer.

A: The secretary was cooking coffee for everybody.

P: Coffee� for everybody by the secretary.

A: The architect won a prize for his design.

P: A prize by the architect for his design.

A: Jennifer Lawrence is holding her Oscar.

P: Jennifer Lawrence�s Oscar by her.

A: We�re going to watch the film at 8 o�clock p.m.

P: The film by us at 8 o�clock p.m.

A: The popcorn machine makes popcorn with hot air.

P: Popcorn with hot air by the popcorn machine.

A: I usually dry my hair with a hairdryer.

P: My hair with a hairdryer.

A: In the shower, I picked up the soap.

P: The soap by me in the shower.

A: My parents gave me a present for my birthday.

P: A present to me for my birthday by my parents.

I a present for my birthday by my parents.

A: Dictionaries present lots of useful information.

P: Lots of useful information by dictionaries.

A: We will probably buy a new car next year.

P: A new car by us next year.

A: The company has presented the results during a press conference.

P: The results during a press conference by the company.

A: The waiter served our meals very late.

P: Our meals very late by the waiter.

A: Bacteria had infected the food.

P: The food by bacteria.

A: We found horse meat in lasagna.

P: Horse meat in lasagna.

A: I�m going to ride my horse every day.

P: My horse every day.

A: Yesterday, I cleaned the windows.

P: The windows yesterday.

A: The rain has destroyed the crop.

P: The crop by the rain.