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Easy Confused Words

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Easily Confused WordsWackoWackoWacko

As you sawThumbs Up many English words can be confused because they have a similar meaning (or even the same) or the same form. Here are some exercises to review what you learned in your last lesson Approve

A. Both .... and, so, not .... either, either....or, neither/nor, neither....nor

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word/construction from above

  1.  Bill  his sister, Kate, like dogs. However, their mom doesn't like them and  does their father.
  2. "I don't like the idea of buying her a rabbit as a gift." "I don't like it , I once heard that she is allergic to fur."
  3. Sandra is  Spanish  Mexican.
  4. The sentence I like  horrors  thrillers means I don't like horror and thriller movies.
  5. I am in favor of telling her the truth.  am I.

B. Since and For

Choose between since and for:

  1. The police have been looking for me  10 days.
  2. I haven't worn low-heeled shoes  I was a child.
  3. He had a bad fall last week and  then he has been in hospital.
  4. He has been under water  15 minutes.
  5. That tree has been there  1000 years.
  6. He has been President 1983.

C. Some, Any and their compounds

Choose the right answer

Here, have ....... biscuits.
some           any
He hasn't got ...... friends.
some            any   
I have this dress from ................. I know, but I won't tell you who is it.
someone                 anyone
Is there ...... sugar left?
some           any
Can ................ repeat what I have said?
someone               anyone
She did her homework without .......... help.
 some                     any
The key must be here, .....................
somewhere              anywhere
I don't have to buy bread. Rachel has already bought ........
some                   any
We never go ............ I want.
somewhere        anywhere
Say ......... or I'll believe you did it!
something         anything
If there is ............... to do, call me.
something             anything
I can't see ......... wrong in your behavior.
something               anything
Would you like ........... milk?
some            any

D.  A little, a few, few and little

Choose the right answer, make sure you respect the meaning indicated in brackets

 water (some water)  money (hardly any money)
 ideas (hardly any ideas)  students (some)

E. Much and Many

Complete the blanks with much or many

  1. "How  money do you have in your bank account?" "Not , but my love will be enough."
  2. "How  ways to get there faster can you think of?" "Not , we should take a cab."
  3. Clara is the most popular girl in school. She has so  friends that she had to give her Super-Sweet 16 party on the beach and not in the club. Her sister, Sonia doesn't have as  friends, in fact she is her total opposite.
  4. Billy acts as if he has too  money.
  5. Don't you think you have too  pictures with One Direction on your wall?

F. Who and which

Choose the right answer

  1.  dress do you like? The grey or the pink with grey flowers?
  2. He is the boy broke his leg last week.
  3.  are you to tell me if I'm right or wrong?
  4. This is the answer  I think it's right.

G. Must not and need not

Thick the right answer

You must not to speak with those boys! said mom means:
mom has forbidden you to talk with those boys
mom said you can date those boys
You need not go there means:
it is absolutely necessary for you to go there
it is not necessary for you to go there

H.Weather and Whether

Complete the blanks with one of the above words:

The  will be wonderful this week.
You have to do as I say,  you like it or not.
 the  be fine, or  the  be not, we must visit aunt Olivia this Sunday.