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an eccentric person

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An Eccentric Person

I. Read the text below

1.Complete it with one of the following linking words/expressions (some may me used more than once)

and, although, but, or, even before, in spite of, such as

         Chris Martin moved into the house next door to mine two years ago. he came round to introduce himself the following day, I could tell that he was truly eccentric.

        Perhaps the most striking thing about Chris is his appearance. His slender body is usually adorned in some kind of tight-fitting multicolored catsuit which makes him look like a comic book superhero. He generally tops this off with one of his flowing capes  a mask. His hair is as crazy as his clothes, going from yellow at the front, to red, to blue, to green at the back  it sticks up as if he's styled it with the aid of a powerful electric current. He has some rather strange mannerisms, too,  his tendency to bow when introducing himself for the first time.

        his strange appearance, Chris is a truly decent person the world would be a better place if there we more people like him. He is very polite, friendly is genuinely caring, always remembering birthdays with a photograph of a bouquet of flowers bringing me chicken soup Japanese tea if I'm ill. Chris will help me if he possibly can is ready to listen to everyone's problems. He tends to be aggressive from time to time, this is because people make fun of him.

         Chris could never be described as ordinary, I enjoy having him as a neighbour. Life is never boring when you have someone like him living next door, his combination of unpredictability  genuine kindness make him a valuable friend.

2. True or false? Write T if true and F if false in the box.

  • Chris's neighbour didn't believe that he was eccentric at the begging.
  • He usually wears a tight suit.
  • He has the tendency to bow when introducing himself for the first time.
  • He is neither friendly nor polite.
  • He is always aggressive.
  • He is considered to be a valuable friend

3. Here are some definitions. In the text you have 3 underlined words, decide which fits every definition (one of the words is in the plural, turn it into the singular and then write it down):

= a distinctive behavioral trait

= a very tight suit, usually made from leather or latex, sometimes covering the whole body

= one that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd and unconventional behavior

II. Other eccentric people or odd behaviors. Fill in with (some can be used two times):

as long as, reason, purpose, result,despite, as well as

  • The she got fired is that she always wore flip-flops to the office.
  • You can come to the party you don't bring Pete with you. He's always throwing all the glasses in the pool, after drinking.
  • I can't find a to dance in the garden dressed like Lady Gaga every Sunday. But my neighbour, Polly always does this... she must find it amusing.
  • The of this exercise is to remind you that we are unique in our own way, like Cris in the text above, we all have our crazy things. For instance, Sally, her education, always shouts out the window " I'm going out with my boyfriend" before doing so...
  •   being 75 years old, Mrs Brown still goes to the club every Saturday.
  • Bobby, his brother Billy, likes to wear superhero costumes.