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Language in use, 2012

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Language in Use

I           Chose the correct option (a, b, c or d)


1.      You may practise in my room. _______ , you mustn't play too loud because of the neighbours.

      However                               Despite                         As long as                       As well


2.    How many times _______ to tell you to stop shouting at me?

have I                             have got I               do I have                 I’ve got


3.    I see you hang _______ with Jim’s brother a lot. How are you getting _______ with him?

over... around                 on... up                   up... down               around... on


4.    Typical! Just as I _______  asleep, the telephone _______ .

felt... rang                       fell... had rung        fell... rang                 had fallen... rung


5.    How can any parent let such a young child _______  jobs as hard as that?

do                                  doing                     to do                         does


6.    If there _______ fewer reasons for strikes, people _______  much happier.

were... can feel               would be... felt       was... would feel        were... could feel


7.    The _______  from home to school usually takes me about an hour.

journey                          way                      travel                         road


8.    Excuse me, could you give me _______  information about the timetable?

bit of                             an                         a piece of                   /


9.    Meg: Honestly, I found that film very boring.

   Andy: _______  

Didn’t you like?             So did I.                Neither did I               Me neither.


10.    When Daniel is older he _______  to be a racing driver or an engineer.

believes                         thinks                   hopes                         means



II         Complete the text using the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets. Do not add any other words.


My family and I went to the Ocean Centre in my home town recently. It’s one of the most amazing places I   (ever / be). Our guide told us that originally the Centre  (set up) to help look after the seas and protect the life within them. In fact, every entry ticket  (buy) there helps the Centre  (achieve) this aim, so that morning I also   (feel) my visit was in a good cause.

By chance, we arrived just at feeding time and watched staff  (give) food to hundreds of fish. Unfortunately for me, the visitors  (not allow) to do the same on that occasion. But still, if anyone asked me for the advice, I  (really / recommend) being there at feeding time. You’ll see feeding times  (advertise) at the ticket desk, or you can telephone in advance  (find out) when they are.


III        Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first sentence, using the given word. Do NOT change the given word. You must use between two and five words, including the given word.


1.      I’m sure Richie’s not at the football match now.                                                                  / be

Richie  at the football match now.

2.      Children, whose jacket is this?                                                                                                /who

Children,  to?

3.      When was this cathedral built, Mr Collins?                                                                            /old

Mr Collins, do you know  ?

4.      I sent an SMS to a wrong person. I couldn’t delete the SMS later.                                 /already

I couldn’t delete that SMS because  to a wrong person.

5.      Shouldn’t children learn proper behaviour from both their parents and teachers?         /be

Shouldn’t children  by both their parents and teachers?


IV        Read the whole texts first. Then fill in each blank with one suitable word:


After leaving university I decided to devote myself  a career in music. I played at concerts, made recordings and got good reviews. But after a while I realised I’d gone as far as I could.  you’re one of the world’s top pianists, which I wasn’t, it’s difficult to earn a good living. So, I gave  my performing career. But I was relieved and now  last I was able to turn over a new leaf.  my new business is stressful and I work long hours, the stress involved in piano playing was even greater.