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Is that me on TV!

It�s the 21st century � a new era. It�s time for the younger generation to take over the world and show adults what we�re made of.

However, there isn�t much variety in TV�s portrayal of teenagers. In fact, I�d go as far as to say that images of teenagers are mostly stereotypical. And when programmes try and show less stereotypical teenagers, they don�t always get it right.

Older actors in their mid-20s frequently play the roles of teenagers, creating the false image that we are all spot-free, glamorous young adults. It doesn�t help anyone�s self-image to compare themselves to make-believe stars. However, the shows� producers think that superstar actors help make �perfect teenagers� and help make their programmes big hits. They show lack of interest in how real the teenagers really are.

In many programmes, teenagers lead easy and sometimes wild lifestyles where everyone has a new car and plenty of money to spend. In reality, we don�t always have enough change in our pockets to go and sit in a caf� or go shopping every day. But, because it�s television, the idealistic lives of these teenagers appear far more interesting than ours.

The way teenagers are portrayed by adults on television can give us an insight into how our elders perceive us. On rare occasions, they can get it horribly wrong and make out that most teens are hooligans who steal and fight just to pass the time. Surprisingly, some of us are actually intelligent individuals, who are fully aware of the world and its fears. As hard as it may be to believe, young adults aren�t defenceless and incompetent. And we are certainly not naive.

So, television companies who assume all young people are loud, unaware and full of hate for the world, take a note. We don�t all hate our parents and the whole world. Amazingly, we have the ability to come up with original concepts and turn those ideas into reality. I personally believe that my generation does have the ability to run the world properly after all, and show it what we�re made of.

Choose the most appropriate option:

1. TV programmes present teenagers as

youngsters who want to take over the world

too weak to take action

totally different among themselves

more or less the same

5. The text says that TV often shows most teenagers

�� from the adults� point of view

�� dreaming about fulfilling their ideals

�� as hooligans who steal and fight for fun

�� as stupid

2. According to the text, teenagers

feel proud when TV shows them older than they are

may lose self-confidence because of TV

like to look perfect

wish they could be like movie stars

6. Everyday teenagers

��� have lots of fears in this world

��� find it hard to defend themselves

��� believe they are quite competent

��� find themselves smarter than actors

3. The author believes that TV producers

help teenagers improve their lives

help lots of teenagers become popular

fail to present the true image of teenagers

use superstars to show the teenager life as it really is

7. Young people

are all truly loud

mostly dislike the world around them

aren�t aware of their own abilities

are often presented as filled with hatred

4. Wild lifestyle

brings young TV stars a lot of money

isn�t the privilege of typical teenagers

is what young people experience in reality when they go shopping

is something that teenagers would gladly� change

8. The author of the text wants

to make his own film

to argue with film makers

his generation to be taken more seriously

his generation to rule the world