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 Classroom action

  1 part: find these words:

stand up
sit down
open your book
raise your hand
go to the board

11. choose the correct answer


He always_____________

raises his hand

raise your hand

raised his hand

She never___________

go to board

goes to the board

will go to the board

They loves to ______________

write on the board

wrote on the board

writein the board

He does not like to _____________ in classroom

work together

worked together

works together

She always helps her teacher when she__________________-

erose the board

erase the board

erases the board

The students always______________________ before leaving the class

put away their book

put her book

puted their book

My student always ________________________ at time.

bring in their homework

brings in their homework

bring my homework

III choose the correct picture

What is She doing?                                     What is he doing?                           What is he doing?