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Imperative Mood / Word-Building (Prefixes dis-, un-, in-) / Simple Tenses (Revision)

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Imperative Mood / Word-Building (Prefixes dis-, un-, in-) /  Simple Tenses (Revision)
Choose the correct alternative.
1.Tick the correct Imperative:
  • Be attentive, please!
  • You be attentive, please!
2. Tick the correct negative Imperative:
  • Let not us wait for him for too long.
  • Let's not wait for him for too long.
3. She can never wait even for a second! She is so patient!
4. I can't read what he has written! His handwriting is so legible!
5. I don't like this airline! They have so comfortable airplanes!
6. Yesterday I very busy, but today I can truly  .
7. The train  at 3 p.m. tomorrow in accordance with the timetable.
8. Tick the correct question to the sentence "She visited Paris two years ago."
  • When she visited Paris?
  • When did visit she Paris?
  • When she did visit Paris?
  • When did she visit Paris?
9. If you  him prepare for the test, he  better results.
10. What time  you normally get up?