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Language in use (Okruzno 2000)

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English Test(9th form End of Term 2 Test)(3 parts)Reading Comprehension: THE INTERNET/Grammar+Voc abulary/Writing(+Key )
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I���������� Choose the correct option:

1.����� Everybody _________ interested in his story.
��� are���������������������� was������������������������� have been��������������� will

���� 2.����� I'm almost _________ my father.
������������� tall as������������������ taller����������������������� as tall���������������������� as tall as

3.����� You _________ to do your homework now.
��� has���������������������� ought���������������������� needn�t������������������� must

4.����� There isn�t _________ truth in what they say.
��� many������������������ a lot����������������������� much���������������������� no

5.����� Let�s take a walk, _________ ?
��� shall we�������������� are we�������������� ������ don�t we����������������� let us

6.����� The children read _________.
��� slow�������������������� good����������������������� well������������������������ bad

7.����� Which socks do you want, the blue or grey _________?
��� colour����������������� one������������������������� ones������������������������ clocks

8.����� _________ Mendoza and Humphrie were excellent boxers.
��� Each������������������� Both of them����� ���� All of them��������������� Both

9.����� You shouldn�t _________ your coat. It�s cold in here.
��� take down�������� �� take off������������������ take in������������ ��������� take of

10.A cangeroo is an animal _________ lives in Australia.
��� who�������������������� what����������������������� /������������������������������ which

II�� A � Fill in the blanks with a suitable reflexive pronoun

A group of friends are at Tom�s. Tom brings in some warm biscuits on a tray and says: �Help� to the biscuits. My sister and I really enjoyed� baking them.�

����������� B � Use the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the dialogue:

Tom: Whose car is that?

Fred: It�s our new� (neighbour) car. Don�t you know them?

Tom: It can�t be� (they). They have gone on holiday.

Fred: And this car?

Tom: It�s our� (grandma and grandpa). Don�t you remember?

���� C � Report the dialogue. Use the present tense of the verbs in brackets to begin the sentences:

Jill: Why are you worried, Jane?

Jane: Oh, Jill! My cat has run away.

Jill: I�m sorry to hear that. Does your cat often do that?

Jane: No, he has never done that before.

Jill� . (ask)

Jane� . (reply)

Jill� . (tell)

She also� .�(want to know)

Jane� .�(answer)

III������� Choose one of the verbs given below and fill in each blank with the correct form/tense of the verb

COME����������� SAY��������������� RETURN������� PAY�������������BE���������� TELL��������� SHARE���������� DO�����������������

CHANGE������ LIVE�������������� DREAM�������� RECEIVE������ WORRY�������� KEEP������������� GO

Mrs Ramsey, a very wealthy lady,� a flat with her cat Rastus. Rastus, who� her only per for many years, is an orderly cat and never� his daily routine � a short walk in the park before his evening meal. One evening he went out as usual but� home. Mrs Ramsey was so� that she couldn�t sleep that night. The next morning a letter� . She� to pay a ransom of $1,000 if she wanted her cat back alive and, of course,� to the police. She� so, and is very happy now, although she� a lot of money to get her cat back.