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Describe Sherlock´s house.

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Sherlock's living room

1. Choose the correct option:
 This is Sherlock's . He needed it to  at things closely.
 This is a . It was very useful to  important things from strangers in the house.
 This is Watson's . He  all his books on it.
 This is a Chinese . Sherlock brought it back from one of his trips abroad. He  his clothes inside.
 This is the  near the fireplace. Scary, wasn't it?
 This is Watson's . Was it comfortable?
 This is Watson's . Watson was very fond of music.
            2. Now look at the flat in 221B Baker Street.    

Complete the sentences with "was" or "were".
When Lestrade came into the flat, he  surprised to see that it  different from what he had thought. There  4 rooms, they  quite big, except the bathroom.
He just saw Sherlock's bedroom briefly: there  his bed with a table against the wall. The magnifying glass  on the table, in front of the mirror. He saw pictures of criminals  on the wall. But he couldn't see the most important piece of furniture: there  a large cupboard in the corner. There  Sherlock's disguises inside.
Watson's bedroom  a little smaller, but less scary. There  a bed, a gramophone, and some war relics from his past life.
The living-room  the biggest room in the flat. It  quite cosy. There  three windows and a lot of shelves and cupboards. There  many books on the shelves, apparently Sherlock read a lot. A gun  on one of the cupboards. There  also Sherlock's violin next to the telephone. The dinner table  in the middle of the room. Another table  against the wall; there  many objects related to crime on that table. But Lestrade  more interested in the part of the room which  opposite the main door: there  a fireplace, and there  two seats facing each other: Sherlock's large comfortable armchair was opposite Watson's old chair.
Sherlock appeared. "I didn't know incompetent bobbies  in my perfect living-room. What are you doing here, Lestrade?"