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��Glitter Text

A. Tick the right options.
A: The great special effects in Avatar are�, aren't they?�
B: Yes, they are. Everybody said the story was great too, but�I thought it
�����was: humans fighting aliens...
��� �� ��� �
A: The song Skyfall, by Adele, is part of the Skyfall , isn't it?
B: Yes, it is. I think Skyfall is a great �movie!
������� �� ���� ��
A: You're a big fan, aren't you?
B: Not really: I prefer movies like Alice in Worderland� with its fantastic .
����You remember all those gorgeous clothes, don't you?
������� �� ���� ��
A: Anne Hathaway got the Oscar for the best supporting , didn't she?
B: Yes, she did! Oh: James Cameron also got an Oscar for the best �for��
��� Titanic!
����������� ��� �
A: Johnny Depp's performance is never , is it?
B: No, it isn't: he's perfect. I guess he's really �in real life: Look!
B. Analyze this:
��Detective graphics��
Now check the right sentences.
1. A. You've never seen Finding Nemo, haven't you?
��� B. You've never seen Finding Nemo, have you?
2. A. Sally's a big anime fan, isn't she?
��� B. Sally's a big anime fan, ist she?
3. A.�Peter went to the movies with you, did he?
��� B. Peter went to the movies with you, didn't he?
C. Now check this out:
�� ��
Choose the right questions. Then, c
omplete the answers.
A: You didn't like Alice in Wonderland, ?
B: Yes, I : the costumes�were great!
A: Taylor Lautner was fantastic in Twilight, ?
B: No, he ! His acting was disappointing!
A: Emma Watson played Hermione,�?
B:�I guess�she ... I didn't watch any of the Harry Potter
���� movies!
E. Observe the answers and TYPE the questions tags.
A: Peter will love "Shrek 3",�?
B:�Yes, he will: he's a big animated movie fan!
A: You haven't seen any of the "Iron Man" movies, ?
B:�No, I haven't: I'm not into action movies...
A:�Sarah likes�Johnny Depp's performance, ?
B:�Yes, she does: she thinks he's gorgeous, too.
F.While you
Tick what you see on the movie clip.
The actress funny performance
The soundtrack������������������������������ The director
The special effects ����������������������� �The costumes
After you
TYPE the questions tags.
1. Anne Hathaway's�acting is fantastic,�?
2. The costumes look gorgeous,�?�
3. The special effects were amazing, ?
4. The white castle�grabs our attention, ?
����������������������������������������������������������������� Have a good time!
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