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BBC Sherlock - AGO and LATER + past simple

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Exercise 1 : complete with ago or  later.


1.     Arthur Conan Doyle created the character of Sherlock Holmes in 1886, that is 127 years .

2.     Seven years , in 1893, he decided to “kill” Sherlock Holmes in his story called “The Final Problem”.

3.     His readers strongly opposed Sherlock’s death, so Doyle brought back Sherlock in a short story in 1901, 7 years .

4.     Doyle wrote that Sherlock Holmes started living at 221B Baker street in 1881, that is 132 years .

5.     In the story, Watson, Sherlock’s assistant, marries his wife in 1887, that is 126 years .

6.     A film called Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law was released in 2009, that is 4 years .

7.     The modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes dates back from 2010, that is 3 years .

8.     In this series, Sherlock uses modern technology like texting, Watson has got a blog, which proves that the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written in the 19th century, are still fascinating the public more than 100 years .



Exercise 2 : complete with the correct form of the verb and choose between ago or  later.


1.     Arthur Conan Doyle  221B Baker street as Sherlock’s address more than a century . The address  at the time. More than 100 years , it does. You can even visit Sherlock’s flat at 221B Baker Street.


2.     Mrs Hudson  to Baker street a very long time .


       3.     Sherlock Holmes  to play the violin about 20 years .


     4.     The tragedy  more than 20 years .


 5.     “Don't interrupt him. He  to think about 45 minutes .”


     6.     Sherlock  on his phone and the results appeared 2 seconds .


7.     Lestrade and the police  about half an hour . Or maybe too late.


8.     “I  Sherlock and he met me 10 minutes ” 



9.     “It  there less than  a minute  !”



10.                       I was waiting in the living-room.“I solved the crime”, he , 5 minutes .



11.                       The police offered Sherlock a deerstalker hat and the journalists his picture one second .




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