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Describe the animals

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Wild Animals :-)

Fill in the gaps with the right word.

This is a . It comes from  (Af).
It is like a  (h). It has black and  (w) stripes. 
It has four  (l) and a  (l) tail. It eats  (g).

This is a  . It comes from  (As).
It looks like a  (c). It is  (y) with black stripes.
It can run and it can  (j). It lives in the  (j).

This is a  (P) bear. It lives in  (As).
It is  (b) and white. It has got a big  (h) and
two small  (ea). It can  (c) on trees.

This is a  . It comes from  (Af).
It has four short  (l) and a big  (m).
It lives near lakes and  (r).
It loves
 (w). It can  (s).