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Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette

Watch the video and complete the sentences.
Marie Antoinette is     in bed                 when the video starts.
                                    doing homework
                                    having breakfast
She lives in France
She has a        cat      as a pet.
She has to leave her country and go to France because she is going to marry Prince Louis.
When she says good bye to her mother, the queen says: "The Court of  is not  Vienna. Listen closely to AmbassadorMauricius Kampf. All eyes will  on "
She travels in a carriage
                    by train
                    on a horse
The trip takes one hour
                         several days
                         twenty years
When she looks at the picture of her fiancé she says that she doesn't like him  and that he looks very  French
                                                                                               she hates him                                              young
                                                                                               she likes him    
During the trip, Marie Antoinette plays bingo and drinks juice                       with her servants.
                                                        plays hide and seek and eats sandwiches
                                                        plays cards and eats cake
 When she arrives in France, she feels very upset  because she has to leave her Austrian servants and her dog.
She also has to change her clothes and jewels
                                            food and drink
                                            toys and books
When they meet, Prince Louis says: "Hello, Antoinette"
                                                          "Nice to meet you, Princess"
                                                          "Wellcome, Madam"