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My Body

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Body parts

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Body Parts - Read and match 3

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1. Write the words in the boxes.
2. Choose the right word.
Hi. I'm monster Crab!
My head is big and .
My eye is , yellow and red.
I've got a big red .
I've got  yellow teeth.
I've got two long  and two  legs.
Hi. I'm monster Pinkie!
My  is pink.
I've got one big .
I haven't got arms or .
I've got two  legs.
I've got two  and  toes.
Hello. I'm monster Iron.
My body is .
I've got three .
I've got a  nose and a big .
I've got four .
I've got  big red feet.
3. Read and write the numbers.
I've got two eyes and two big ears.
I've got blue hair.
I've got two hands and two feet.
I'm monster
I've got two red eyes and a big mouth.
I've got a red nose.
I've got two small hands and two small feet.
I'm monster
I've got two eyes and a big mout.
I've got two arms and two legs.
I've got a green body.
I'm monster
All the monsters come from http://macmcrae.com/monsters