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Going to / Will (Asking For Intention)

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1- Patricia: We're going to celebrate our anniversary.
Sam: are you going to celebrate it?
Patricia: On 31th March.
2- Nazlı: is going to come with me to the cinema?
Fazıl: I can come! And I can bring Ece, too.
3- Gavin: I'm going to take my cat to the vet.
Nina: are you going to take her to?
Gavin: I'm going to take her to Springfield Pet Center.
4- Legolas: will you do after graduating?
Frodo: I will have a nice holiday.
5- Dean: are you going to go to school?
Gandalf: I'm going to go to school by bus.
6- Helen: Alicia is still not home. will she come?
Mom: I think she will be there in an hour.