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Reading and Language in use test (Republicko 2008)

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Teenage Criminals

In September last year a high court in New York convicted three people of the savage assault of a young woman. The three young men convicted were all under the age of sixteen when the attack took place in New York�s Central Park.

The sentencing of the three youths is just one more example of the frightening increase in juvenile crime which Britain and the USA have been experiencing in the last few years. In Britain, boys between the age of fourteen and eighteen are the country�s worst offenders. Many crimes are committed by boys and girls who are only twelve or thirteen years old.

Crimes of murder and robbery among young people of school age show a perverse side of modern-day young people, and experts working with young offenders are shocked by the lack of remorse shown by today�s �teenage criminals�. Police find out about many of the crimes simply because they boast about them.

Why are so many young people turning to violent crime? There must be many different reasons for this increase in crime. Some people say that young people watch too much television. Many people believe that parents should be using �old-fashioned discipline� instead of indulging their children. While people try to decide who is to blame, many states in the USA have started schemes to make parents more responsible for their children.

In some states, parents of young criminals are ordered to attend weekend or evening classes where they are taught how to control their children. They can be fined for not attending. The authorities are also trying to wipe out drug abuse and truancy by stopping welfare cheques if a child does not attend school. In the small town Dermott in the USA the juvenile crime rate was cut in half after a curfew was introduced. The government in Britain is hoping to introduce similar schemes to help solve this growing problem because a survey introduced in Manchester has shown that 80 percent of people in prison have a history of truancy or unemployment.

truancy � absence from school without permission

welfare � money paid by the State to the people in need

curfew � a rule that everyone must stay at home between particular times, usually at night

Choose the most appropriate option

1������� In September last year three young people were sent to prison by a law court because

����� they were under the age of sixteen.

���� they were an example of modern-day young people.

����� they had cruelly attacked a young woman.

���� they had planned to assault a young woman in Central Park.

2������� According to the text,

����� Britain and the USA have experienced a great success in fighting juvenile crime.

���� young criminals often offend their own country.

����� there are fewer and fewer young criminals every year.

���� the number of teenage criminals has arisen in recent years.

3������� According to the text,

����� teenagers commit only non-violent crimes.

���� fourteen to eighteen year-olds commit the most violent crimes.

���� teenagers have been experiencing severe punishment.

��� the assault in Central Park was only one example of such crime.

4������� Today�s teenage criminals

���� usually feel sorry for their crimes.

���� are often shocked by the experts working with the young offenders.

���� are often ashamed of the crimes they have done.

���� show no feeling of regret for what they have done.

5������� According to the text, young criminals

���� are always silent about their crimes.

��� usually find out about many of the crimes.

���� sometimes boast about the police and their work.

��� often speak proudly of the crimes they have done.

6������� Many people believe that parents

����� should be more strict with their children.

��� should give their children everything they want.

��� should try to blame the state for their children�s behaviour.

���� are too old-fashioned and severe with their children.

7������� In some states in the USA, parents of young criminals have to

����� learn how to deal with their children.

��� teach their children how to take control.

���� pay a fine if their children do not attend evening classes.

��� teach school subjects to their own children.

8������� The authorities of the USA have

���� solved the problem of juvenile crime.

��� made parents more responsible for their children.

���� stopped giving money to the poor or unemployed.

�� been fined for not solving the problem.


I�������� Choose the most appropriate option

1.����� Machines do a lot of jobs that used to ________ by hand.

do�������������������������� be done���������������� doing��������������������� have done

2.����� I ________ to press the button and sound the alarm.

could��������������������� managed�������������� might�������������������� succeeded

3.����� The shops have so many facilities, that there is no need to go ________for anything.

elsewhere������������� �nowhere��������������� somewhere����������� everywhere

4.����� I won�t be able to do it ________ you help me.

�beside������������������� only�������������� �������� but������������������������� unless

5.����� I couldn�t find ________about the trip.

�any information� many informations��������� no informations���� �an information

6.����� Celebrities are regarded as heroes, ________they are not.

whom�������������������� who����������������������� which�������������������� what

7.����� Have you got the time, please?

It�s ten to three.���������������������������� Yes, but very little.���������
Not enough, I�m afraid.������� ������ Sure. How much?

8.����� You look tired. You ________to go to bed.

ought�������������������� can������������������������� should������������������� must

9.����� I�m interested in the ________fashion.

last������������������������� later����������������������� latest��������������������� late

10.Each of the ________ of Africa has many different customs and traditions.

peoples����������������� people����������� ������ nation������������������� nationality

II������ Use the Present Simple tense of the most appropriate verbs (say, tell, ask) to report these sentences

Sue: �Jim, what does your father do? He wasn�t very friendly when I called.�

�. �.

Jim: �He was probably tired.�

�Sue: �Mine is the same when he is tired.�