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Noah´ Ark. Listening Comprehension and Simple Past Practice

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Noah's Ark

Listening Comprehension and Simple Past Practice

Watch the video and then fill the gaps with the past tense of the verb in brackets:



1) Long ago, when the world  (is) new, there  (live) a man named Noah.

2)Noah  (is) a good and honest man.

3)Noah  (spend) his days in peace and happiness with his family.

4) God  (tell) Noah that it would rain for forty days and forty nights.

5)Noah  (have) to build a big ark.

6) When they  (finish) the Ark, Noah and his wife and sons  (search) for two of every kind of animals, every beast that  (walk) and every bird that  (fly).

7) All the animals  (are) put in pens beside the Ark.

8) Noah’s pasture  (look) like a zoo.

9) Noah and his sons  (gather) food for many months.

10)       Then Noah  (open) the pens and let all the animals out.

11)         The animals  (follow) Noah to the big ark.

12)        Then in  (march) the animals two by two.

13)       And when all the animals, Noah and his wife, his sons and their wives  (are) safely inside, the door of the ark  (is) shut tight.

14)        It  (is) a drizzle first.

15)        Then the wind  (howl), the thunder (roar)   and the lightning  (flash) across the dark sky.

16)       The water  (begin) to rise higher and higher until they  (cover) even the mountain peaks.

17)       Everything on earth  (is) destroyed by the flood.

18)       But the ark and its passengers  (float) safely on the water.

19)       Noah  (is) calm.

20)      After forty days and forty nights the rain  (stop).

Watch the  second part of the video and finish the sentences

1)     Soon the sun began to shine and a warm wind

2)   Little by little the water

       3)   Noah sent a dove
       4)    It soon came back

5)   Noah waited

6)   He let the dove go again, and this time it came back

   7)    The third time Noah sent the dove from the ark it did not

8)   God told Noah to