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A. Fill in the gaps with the indefinite articles (a/an).

1. I have  big family.

2. My brother is  architect.

3. There is  big table in the center of the room.

4. I have  idea!

5. Jack had  brilliant idea.

6. My mother is  teacher.

7. There is  orange in the bowl.

8. She is  pretty girl.

9.  girl is drawing a painting.

10. I want to be  pilot.

11. I bought  nice dress.

12. He found  interesting book in the library.

13. I need  pen.

14. Can you give me  piece of paper?


B. Fill in the gaps with the definite article THE or zero article. If you don't need an article, leave the box empty.

1. I don't like  Math and  English.

2. Look at  Moon!

3. I ate  dinner at 5 p.m..

4. He doesn't play  basketball.

5. Satellites move around  Earth.

6. There are  kids playing in the yard.

7. What is  weather like today?

8. Look at  grey clouds in  sky.

9. You can see  clouds in  sky.

10. She speaks  Spanish very well.


 C. Complete the sentences with the indefinte articles (a/an) or the definite article (the).

1. A: I found  puppy in the street.

    B: What did you do with  puppy?

    A: I took  puppy home and decided to take care of him.

2. A: You look great! Did you buy  new skirt?

    B: Yes! And  skirt was not expensive! So may be I will also buy   new T-shirt.

3. A: Look! There is  police car over there! What happened?

    B: I don't know. I think,  car is moving away now.

4. A: I saw  ambulance near our house. What happened?

   B: Mr. James, our neighbor had  heart attack and  ambulance is taking him to the hospital.