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The Time Quiz

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The Time Quiz

1. Complete the following clocks with the formal hour.

������������������� ������������ � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ����
it's� ���������������� It's ��������������� It's �������������� It's ����� It's

2. Write the questions according to the answer

a)The soccer match starts at nine forty-five

b) The concert is at nine thirty

c) The English class begins at a quarter to seven

d) The museum opens its doors at nine thirty

e) The last bus leaves the station at 10:15

3. Write the correct invitation or suggestion accordig to the situation

I'm hungry!
a hamburger

It's late! a taxi is a good idea

a taxi

it's hot!, I need a soda

a soda

it's time for the Reality Show !


I'm bored!. I want to play video games

video games on your x-box