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Directions and Imperatives

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Look at the pictures and label:   

                         1-  Museum          -       2-  Post office        -        3-  Police station    -           4- Restaurant                5-  Library                                  
Read and complete with the correct direction:
                                   On                                    Between                                Across from                                 On the corner of
                                                                a) The museum is ________King street and Lady street.
                                                                b) The library is __________ the Rose Supermarket.
                                                                c) The Movie theater is ___ ___ Butterrfly street and Peruvian's restaurant.
                                                               d)  SMP language center is _______ Bolivar avenue.
Write the positive or negative Imperative.:
a) _________(go) to the Gym, go to the Movie theater
b) Dr. Maquiña said : _________(eat) fast food if you want to look heathy
c) __________( watch) tv, you have to study for your exam.
d) _____________(cross) Marina avenue and Turn left                                                                                                                    .