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Prepositions of Time

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Prepositions of time:

in / on / at


- We use IN for something that occurs during a period of time that isn't very specific (seasons, years, months, etc.)
e.g. I was born in 1977.
����� We have school holidays in Summer.
� � � I don't play sport in June.
����� I like to take a nap in the afternoon.

- We use AT for specific points in time (2 p.m., Easter, *Weekend, etc.)
e.g. I have lunch at 1.30 p.m.
� � � We go to the cinema at night.
����� The family gets together at Christmas.

- We use ON for specific days (days of the week, special days/anniversaries, etc.)
e.g. I went out for dinner on my birthday.
� � � We go to the beach on Saturdays.
� � � She is getting married on 26th May.

- We DON'T use prepositions when we use terms like every, this, last, next, etc. because these terms indicate specific days.
e.g. I have lessons next Tuesday. (not I have lessons on next Tuesday).
����� We watch House every Monday (not We watch House on every Monday).
������ He finished his homework this morning. (not He finished his homework in this morning.)

Now you try...

A. Choose the correct preposition using either in, on, at or - (no preposition).

1. I was born 25th October.
2. My brother leaves work 9 o'clock the evening.
3. We went to England the Autumn.
4. I have swimming lessons Tuesdays.
5. He takes his dog for a walk the morning.
6. We like to go to bed late night.
7. Daniel didn't go to school this morning.
8. Jack teaches his children to swim� Friday afternoons.
9. They are allowed to play video games the weekend.
10. We have decided to go jogging every Sunday.
11. Our children go to school 8 o'clock the morning.
12. I hope we have good weather this Summer.

B. Fill in the missing prepositions:

I was born a beautiful sunny Monday morning. My mother said the weather was very unusual that day because it usually rains April so she always jokes around saying that I brought the sun with me.� Anyway, the strange thing is that it has never rained my birthday, which is great because I get to have a party outdoors with all my friends. My birthday this year is a Wednesday so I can't have a party during the day because of school. But my mother said that we can have it the following Saturday, the afternoon.� I hope it doesn't rain!!

*British English use.
� Americans say "on the weekend".