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Relative Pronouns and Sport: who/which/where/whose

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Relative Pronouns and Sport: Complete with who/which/where/whose

  1. Baseball is a game needs a bat and a ball.
  2. I have a sister supports Liverpool.
  3. The place I do aerobics is the park.
  4. The team  we played were really weak.
  5. The sportswoman I most admire is Yelana Isinbayeva.
  6. I have a friend  sister is a Kendo champion.
  7. Teamtalk is a website  gives you lots of opinions about football.
  8. I want to play chess with people are as good as me.
  9. I want to play for a team  can challenge for the title of champions.
  10. Ploy is the girl  scored the winning goal in the cup final.
  11. London is the place  I usually run the marathon.
  12. The boy  got injured was Peter.
  13. In boxing, gloves are the things  you use on your hands to punch with.
  14. I know someone  dad swam in the Olympics once.
  15. School is  I learned to play volleyball.
  16. An attacker is a player  job it is to score goals.
  17. A court is a place  you play basketball.
  18. A manager is the person  chooses the team and the tactics.
  19. A cue is the thing  you use to hit the balls with in snooker and pool.
  20. A starting pistol is the device  the officials use to start a race in athletics.