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Dialogue - Starting a conversation with a stranger

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A: " me! Hi!"
B: "Sorry? What's ?"
A: "Is this your pen? I think you it."
B "Oh yes! Thank you."
A: "No problem. I you like music. What are you listening to?"
B: "Oh, I'm to Lady Gaga."
A: "? She's cool! As a person I mean."
B: "As a person? you know her? Seriously?"
A: "Well, I her in Bangkok once. I live there."
B: " Boy by the ."
A: "I'm Girl. to meet you Boy."
B: "So you actually met Lady Gaga? That's amazing! She's my favourite singer in the whole world."
A: "Yeah! It was at her concert in London, and someone invited me to her after-show party."
B: "Wow! So did you speak to her?"
A: "Um, yeah, well, sort of..."
B: "Really? What did she say to you?"
A: "Well, she um... Where are you ?"
B: "To my accommodation. It's near the university."
A: "Cool! I'm going in that . I'll walk with you."
B: "Okay."