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Christmas in Italy

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Christmas Traditions in Italy

In Verona, when is the "Festa di Santa Lucia" ?
The second week of December
The sixth of December
The second of December
In Piazza Santa Croce, what type of Christmas market is there?
Where is the worldis largest Christmas tree located?
Who are the "zampognari"?
Shepards from the Abruzzo area
Cowhearders from the Abruzzo area
Shepards from Umbria
What do the "zampognari" do?
They stop to play bag pipe music in towns.
They play bag pipe music in front of shrines and nativity scenes.
They play music for the Madonna and in nativity scenes.
Back to what year does the Nativity Scene or "pressepi" date to?
What's the weather like in Vatican City during Christmas?
Cold and ugly 
Cold but agreeable 
Fair and pleasant
In the South of Italy, what name is given to the traditional meal eaten at Christmas?
The Dinner of the Fishes
The Dinner of The Seven Fishes
The Feast of Saint Stevens
On the 26th, which foods are commonly eaten?
Tortellini, turkey, capon, seasonal pastas
Tortellini, capon, seafood, seasonal pastas
Tortellini, capon, goose, seasonal pastas
"Pantote" is from what region?
Tuscan Region
All through Italy