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How to Make Eggnog For Christmas

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  A Recipe for Eggnog - A Christmas Tradition.

Eggnog is typically served as a Christmas drink or on New Year's Eve in many English speaking countries like Britain, Australia, the United States and Canada. In the French speaking part of Canada, it 's known as  "lait de poule" (very literally "milk of hen").  There is also a similar drink called "Rompope" from Mexico and "Eierpunsch" from Germany and Austria. The Eierpunsch uses wine instead of brandy or rum.

Listen very carefully to how this very delicious Christmas drink is made.
Now try to answer the questions from the video.
The recipe makes eggnog for how many people?
Eight to twelve
Ten to Twelve
Ten to Twenty
How many eggs are needed?
a dozen
a half dozen
Is cinnamon an ingrediant used in this recepie?
What type of alcohol are used to make eggnog?
What utensils are NOT mentioned? (More than one answer is needed)
A ladle   A sauce pan   A spoon   A mixer  A whisk  A cooker   A fork
How long should we beat the eggs?
two to three minutes
two to four minutes
three to four minutes
What ingrediant is added last?
How long should the eggnog stay in the fridge?
Thirteen minutes
Thirty minutes
Three hours