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What are they doing.

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������������������������������������������������������������ Be (am-is-are) + Verb+ ing
1. Copy correct sentence to the picture

1. The duck is reading a book.
2. The girls are laughing.
3. The mouse is sleeping.
4. I�am going to school.
5. The girl is painting.
2. Tick the correct form of the be verb.
The girl�� is aream�playing the guitar.
The pupils is�aream�listening to the teacher.
3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the verbs from the list. Don't forget to add -ing

�The girl is �the window.

�Jane is �in her notebook.

�Tom is to school.

�The children are �to the library.

�My brother is now.

�Two kids are �on the bench.

Vebs List: run, write, open, sit, go, fish
4. Change into the negative. (am not, is not, are not)
The family is watching TV.
The family ��sleeping.�
The kids are reading. They �dancing.
The boy is playing computer games. He �playing football.
5. Choose the correct answer.
Is�a girl dancing now?��� � Yes,� she is.� No,�I�am not
Is a man watching TV now?���� No,they are not.�Yes, he is
Is a boy skating now?� Yes, he is. � No, we are not
6. Write in your notebooks what are you doing no. What your friend is doing now.