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Present Simple/English test/ 3 pages
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Present simple
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Present Simple Exercises!
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1.Replace the underlined words by a pronoun

a.Tom likes his new bike.�����������������������.�����

b.The posters are on the wall.��������������.����

c.Diana has got a brother.��������������������� �.

d.My mother and I are watching TV �.

e.Has Tom got a computer ?���������������� � ?

f.The dog is running.������������������������������ �.

2.Complete the sentences with the correct form of "be" or "have got"

a.My name ��Dylan.�������������������������������������� b. Clara and Steve� happy.

c. There��a pen on the desk.�������������������������� d. We� flowers in our garden.

e.Sandra and I� five pets .�����������������f. I��OK, thanks.

g. Sam �friends in London.�������������������� �h. Jane� �5 new English books.

i. They��French.������������������������������������������������ j. Mrs. Monrow �our English teacher.

3.Complete the following sentences with the indicated verbs��in the present tense.

a. The cinema(close) �at 7pm.

b. We (take) �a taxi to go to work.

c. I(not/believe) �in witches.

d. She(not/live) �in Washington, but in New York.

e. They(not/do)��their homework.

f. (you/go) �to the swimming pool?

4.Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjective.

a. I have a car : �car is black.���������������������������� b. We have a dog: �name is Pancho.

c. They have finished �homework.����������d. Alice looks very much like �brother.

e. �mother and I like singing.������������������������� �f.Can you give me�phone number ?

g. Paul bought�wife a present.����������������� h. We love new highschool !

5.Complete the sentences with the correct article (the/a/an or )

a. My aunt is �teacher.�������������������������������� ��� � b. There is �French copybook on�floor.

c. There is �orange for �dessert. �d. I�d like cup of tea. I like �English tea.

e. I collect �shells.������������������������������������������� f. �Great Britain is part of��United Kingdom.

g. There is��pen on��desk.�������������� h. �Queen Elizabeth is���mother of Charles.

6.��������� Complete the following sentences with the indicated verbs in the present continous tense (be + Ving).

������������� a.���������� I(go) �to work tomorrow.

������������� b.���������� Bob (ride) �hismountainbike.

������������� c.���������� They(not/sit) on the ground.

d.�������� (come) �you �to the cinema tonight ?

e.�������� He(not/drink) �tea, but coffee.

f.�������� Malcolm and his friends(play) �in the street.

7. Complete the following sentences with the indicated verbs in the past tense

a. He(arrive) �at Waterloo Station.

b. I(go) �to Buckingham Palace .

c. She (be) �happy to see them.

d. They(be) �all very happy to see her.

e. (it rain) �yesterday? No, it was a nice day.

f. That's a nice shirt. Where(you buy) �it?

8. Complete the following sentences with some or any

a. I haven�t got �classical CDs. Have you ?

b. Yes, I have got �but not many.

c. Have you bought �new books lately ?

d. Yes, two. A novel and �short stories by Roald Dahl.

9.Complete the following sentences with "a little", "(a) few", "much" or "many"

a. My sister hasn�t got �freckles, only .

b. Can I borrow �money, just twopounds.

c. He is very popular. He has���friends.

d. My uncle hasn�t got �hair left.

10. Rewrite the sentences with the indicated adverb at the right place.

a. Igo to the pictures . (rarely) ==� �.

b. Sheforgets herhomework (sometimes).==� .

c. It rains when we are on holiday (usually). ==� .

d. She has been friendly to me. (always) ==� .

e. Have you been to New York (ever) ? ==� ?