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First words [food]

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Learn the following words by heart. Do not pay attention into the translation into Latvian. Iemaaciisimies jaunus vaardinus. Neskaidriibas gadiijumaa, zvaniet man :)
              PASTA                             APPLE                         MILK                         SPICE
Choose the right option. Do not pay attention into the translation into Latvian. Izveelieties pareizo. Neskaidriibas gadiijumaa, zvaniet man :)
Choose the right option and tick it. Do not pay attention into the translation into Latvian. Izveelieties pareizo ailiiti un ielieciet keksiiti. Nelieciet neko nepareizajaas. Neskaidriibas gadiijumaa, zvaniet man :)
PASTA                                                          PASTA                                            PASTA                                 PASTA
APPLE                                                           APPLE                                            APPLE                                  APPLE
MILK                                                            MILK                                               MILK                                   MILK
SPICE                                                           SPICE                                               SPICE                                  SPICE