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Song: At the Library by Green Day

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    At the Library       

                  by GREEN DAY 

BEFORE YOU LISTEN              

(1) Read the lyrics and find a synonym for:                                                       
mad (crazy) 
physical suffering, ache 
(2) Complete the missing words. Choose from the word bank.

1 Hey there lookin’ at me
2 Tell me what do you
3 But you quickly  your head away
4 I try to find the  I could use
5 Don't have the courage to come up to you
6 My chance is looking a bit 

7 Staring across the        
8 Are you leaving soon?
9 I just need a little     

Word Bank:   grey
turn    see               

(3) Which tense?

10 What is it that drives me mad
11 Girls like you that I never had
12 What is it about you that I adore?
13 What makes me feel so much pain
14 That makes me go so insane
15 What is it about you that I adore?

(4) Write the lines in order

across/ Staring/ room./ the
you/ Are/ leaving/ soon?
need/ a little/ I/ time./ just

(5) Which tense?

16 Why did you have to leave so soon?
17 Why did you have to walk away?
18 Oh well it happened again
19 She walked away with her boyfriend
20 Maybe we'll meet again someday (x3)



Answer Yes or No and find evidence. State Line Nº

Do the two people in the song talk to each other?

Do they look at each other?

Is the boy afraid to talk?

Is the girl really alone?

  Past        Present         Future
     Past       Present        Future