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Liza´s friends

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  Little Liza’s friends

 Read about Liza and her friends:
Hi! I am Liza.I am 9 years old.I like to read books and to watch TV too. I have many friends , we like to play and walk together.I want you to meet some of my friends. 
    My name is Tom.I am Liza's friend.I am 9 years old too.We go to the same school. I like to draw and play football.
I am Toni. I am 8 years old. I like to help my mother to bake cakes and cookies.I often go Jenny and Linda to bake together. Liza is my friend too.
Jenny and Linda are Liza's best friends. They are sisters. Jenny is 8 and Linda is 7.They like to play together and bake cookies. They invite their friends to the parties.
Dana and Rona are my friends too. Dan is 8 and Rona is 9 years old. They have three cute kittens and like to take care of the cats and play with them.
 I like to read books. What is my name?            I like to play football. What is my name?
 Choose the correct answer:
1. Who like to draw?  Tom      Toni
2. Do Dana and Rona like cats?  No     Yes  
3. Who invites friends to the parties?  Dan and Rona    Jenny and Linda  
Fill in the chart :













Choose True or False:
Jenny and Linda like to play with cats.False True
Toni likes to help her mother.  True False
 Dana and Rona like to take care of cats. False  True

                                                        Good Luck!