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My family and friends

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1. Read:
My best friends are Inna, Tom and Ann. We go to the same school, learn the same subjects.
We have different hobbies and like to spend time together. I want to tell you what my friends usually do every day.
I also want to tell you about my family.
 This is my mother. She is a doctor and works in the hospital.She gets up at 6 o'clock and begins her work at 7. I like my mom very much.
This is my grandparents' house. They don't live with us and in summer we usually fly to their country to visit them.
                         I like to play in their garden and listen to the stories thy tell me.
   This is my friend Tom. Tom gets up at 7 o'clock and eats breakfast at half past seven. Then he goes to school and studies till four o'clock. After school he does his homework and plays football till half past five.He also likes to play computer games and watch TV.He goes to bed at ten o'clock.
Inna gets up at half past six in the morning and walks in the park with her dog.    She has                                                breakfast at a quarter to eight and goes to school.Sometimes we go to the movie.After school she goes to piano lesson. She comes home at half past four.She also likes to draw and read books. She is very tired in the evening and goes to bed at nine.
Ann's day is long and interesting. She gets up at a quarter to seven and takes her little sister to the kindergarten.Then at 7:30 she goes to school. She goes to dance class at 5 o'clock. She likes dancing and playing tennis. She comes home at half past six and helps her mother, reads and goes to bed at half past ten. When she doesn't have dance class we walk together.
 2. Answer the questions.
Who gets up at a quarter to seven?                            Who comes home at half past six?
 When does Tom come home?                           When does Ann go to bed?
Where is Ann at 5 o'clock?                              Who tells me stories?
 Who is a doctor?                                                    When do we visit my grandparents?
 3. Complete the chart



 Gets up at...

 Goes to school at...

 Comes home at...

 Goes to bed at...


















 4.Choose the right answer.
Inna gets up at  6:30   7:30             My mother works at school   in the hospital         My grandparents live with us   another place 
5. Look at the pictures and in your notebooks write about your day.