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Use of will and won't worksheet preview
Use of will and won't

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Protecting the environment worksheet preview
Protecting the environment

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learning languages

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FCE sample exam

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1.My sister is not thin enough to be a model. My sister is…

2.       This rope is not long enough to tie the horse. This rope is …

3.       The fish wasn’t cooked enough for me. The fish was…

4.       It was too hot to go jogging yesterday. It wasn’t …

5.       Ferrari’s cars are not fast enough to win the competition. Ferrari’s cars are …

6.       You are not old enough to drive a car. You are …

7.       Peter is not good-looking enough to work on TV. Peter is …

8.       Susan is too serious to be a comedian. Susan isn’t…

9.       It was such a perfect place that they bought a house there. The place…

10.   The film was so boring that I felt asleep in the cinema. It was…

11.   My students are so energetic that I always get home exhausted. I have 

12.   It was such a beautiful day that we decided to go on a picnic. The day…

13.   He’s such a nice man that it is always a pleasure to visit him. He is …

14.   My sister is not as good at English as I am. I’m …

15.   The last film we saw was worse than Torrente 3. Torrente 3 wasn’t…

16.   My cousins are not as polite as we are. We are…

17.   This school is smaller than the one I worked in Gálvez. This school isn’t…

18.   Water is cheaper than wine. Wine is …

19. Although Peter was tired, he came to the meeting.