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5th grade Test 1

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5th grade
Test 1 

Complete with a or an
a car - an apple 
 table    pencil    elephant    octopus    chair    old car    enormous ship    huge place
Write the plural of these nouns.
drum - drums
man      tree      child      woman      mouse      bottle      class      fish      
potato      photo      city      box      eye      name      day      person   
Subject pronouns
Isabel - she 
my guitar               
my friends             
his cat                    
your doctor            
their parents           
Maria and Peter     
Possessive adjectives and Possessive pronouns
my - mine 
Is this  bike?
 book is over there.
How old is  brother?
Don't touch it! Its .
The car wasn't blue. That's why I think it wasn't  car.
The superhero got out of  house. 
Write the correct question word?
when, who, why, where, what time, how much, how many, how
 are you? 
 was the party?    On Sunday.
 do you like listening to rock music?    I don't know. I just love it.
 do you usually get up?    At 7 o'clock.
 boxes are there?
 was that girl? Was she Anna?
 money do you have in your pocket?      I won't tell you. 
 were you born?    I was born in Russia.