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Careless Whisper by George Michael

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Watch the video and do the following exercises.
Write in or choose the missing words. The images may help.


I feel so
as I take your and lead you to the   floor
as the music  , something in your  
to mind the   screen
and all it’s   good-byes

Write in the missing vowels in the Chorus.

'm  nvr  gnn  dnc  gn
lty  ft  hv  gt  n  rhythm
gh  t's  sy  t  prtnd
  knw  y'r  nt    fl

ld'v  knwn  bttr  thn  t  cht    frnd
 nd  wst  th  chnc  tht  'v  bn  gvn
  'm  nvr  gnn  dnc  gn
  wy    dncd  wth  y

Unscramble the following lines.


  to the heart and mind

  pain is all you'll find

  there's no comfort in the truth

  the careless whispers of a good friend

  ignorance is kind

  Time can never mend



Choose the correct verbs.

Tonight the music   so loud
I   that we   this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We each other with the things we'd   to say

We   so good together
We   this dance forever
But no one's gonna   with me
Please stay


(Now that you're gone) Now that you're  
(Now that you're gone) What I   so wrong
so wrong that you   me alone