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Past Simple or Past Perfect

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Past simple or past perfect?
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simple past or present perfect
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1. Complete with a suitable verb in the PAST SIMPLE or PAST PERFECT. Use the verbs in the box:
 arrive - be - give - already buy - already see - not go - do - finish - wash
a) Amy  the theatre tickets when we  to the box office.
b) When the teacher  us our test results, we were all quite disappointed.
c) I  to the theatre with my classmates because I  the play.
d) When Anne  eating her breakfast and left, her brother  still in bed.
e) We  all our dirty clothes before our mother  it. She was really happy!
2. Complete with a verb in the PAST PERFECT.
not do - pass - lose - not miss - already start - be - already sell
a) When we arrived at the cinema, the film . We missed the first five minutes.
b) The teacher discovered that Peter  his homework.
c) Diane  her old car when I told her I was interested in buying it.
d) We couldn't find the way to the hotel because Angela  the map that morning.
e) If David  the train, we would have spent the weekend together.
f) My parents  informed about my bad behaviour before I told them.
g) The teacher was very happy because most of us  the English test.
3. Choose a suitable ending for the following sentences:
a) Amanda discovered that the burglars
 had taken all of the money
 took all of the money
 had token all of the money
b) We ____________all the test tubes in the lab before we started doing our tests.
 have cleaned
 had cleaned
c) What time _____________last night? I arrived around midnight.
 had you arrived home
 did you arrive home
 arrived you home
d) When Sally phoned me, I _______________my essay yet.
 didn't finish
 had finished
 hadn't finished
e) Our teacher told us that we ______________a good job in the test.
 all had done
 had all done
 did all