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Object Pronouns Exercise 1

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Fill in the correct object pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, us, them)
1).  I went to the cinema with Joe and Tom.    I went with
2).    Mary and I are going shopping.      are going shopping.
3).  The chair is very comfortable.    Please sit in
4).    The cat is sleeping.    Do not disturb .
5).  Tom gave the book to Mary.    He gave  the book. 
6).    If you are lonely, I will come and visit .
7).    I applied for a position at the company, but they didn't select
8).  It was Kathy's birthday.  My mother baked  a beautiful cake. 
9).    If you clean your bedrooms, I will buy  some ice cream.
10).  I can't lift this box alone.  Can you help ?