1. Complete the sentences using the verbs in the correct form: 2. Look at exercise 1 and number the pictures according to the sentences.: (from 1 to 20)

1.    It   (DRINK) cold water.

2.   It   (LOOK) at itself in the mirror.

3.   It  (WEAR) a crown.

4.   It  (BLOW) on a dandelion.

5.   It  (SING) loudly.

6.   They  (SING) well.

7.   They  (KISS) romantically.

8.   It  (LOOK) at a worm.

9.   It  (PLAY) the banjo.

10. It  (PLAY) volleyball.

11.  It  (CHASE) a butterfly.

12. They  (DRIVE) a fast car.

13. They  (HAVE) a birthday party.

14. It  (SMILE) .

15. It  (CATCH) a fly.

16. It  (JUMP) a rope.

17. It  (SIT) by a rock.

18. It  (PLAY) the flute.

19. They  (DANCE).

20. It  (HOLD) an umbrella.

3. Now answer the questions  about the same pictures:

1. Is the frog  in picture 1 standing?

2. Is the frog in picture 2 sleeping?

3. What is the frog in picture 3 wearing?

4. Is this frog blowing a dandelion?

5. What is this frog doing?

6. Are these frogs dancing too?

7. Are these frogs in love?

8. Is this frog looking at a snail?

9. Is this frog playing the drums?

10. What is this frog doing?

11. Is this frog chasing a bee?

12. Are they driving a bus?

13. What are they doing’?

14. Is this frog sad or happy?

15. Is this frog eating?

16. Is this frog exercising?

17. Is this frog thinking?

18. What instrument is this frog playing?

19. Are they singing too?

20. Is it raining?

Hope you like this activity!!!
   by Pacchy






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