Things we do at school....

1.Write the verbs in Present Simple.

        Nick’s father

  1. Nick’s father (work) in London.

  2. His office  (be: am/is /are ) in a big building.

  3. Every morning he  (get up) at six o’clock.

  4. He  (wash) in cold water.

  5. He  (eat) eggs and toast for breakfast.

  6. He  (drink) orange juice for breakfast.

  7. He  (put on) his jeans and jacket.

  8. Then he  (run) to the railway station.

  9. He always  (take) his umbrella.

  10. He  (buy) a newspaper and (read) it on the train.
  11. In the evening he (come) back home at five o’clock.
  12. After dinner he sometimes  (watch) television.
  13. He never  (go) to the cinema.

                   What a boring life!

Fill in the verbs in Present Simple.

fly,/ cry,/ finish/,eat,/ live, /drink,/ go,/ speak,/ play,/ like

  1. He  chips for dinner.

  2. I  coffee three times a day.

  1. She to New York once a year.

  2. We Italian and English.

  1. They  in Canada.

  2. Tom and I   to school every day.

  1. My dad  work at seven o’clock.

  2. We  tennis every weekend.

  1. My friend  old films.

   10.The baby all the day.

Don’t or Doesn’t ???
  1. He don't /doesn't live in Mexico.

  2. She don't /doesn't  work in a bank.

  3. I don't /doesn't play golf once a week.

  4. Ron don't /doesn't listen to the radio.

  5. We don't /doesn't speak French.

  6. You don't /doesn't drink coffee in the morning.

  7. My cat don't /doesn't sleep at night.

  8. His car don't /doesn' work.

  9. Shelly don't /doesn't eat meat.

10.I don't /doesn't understand you.

Do or Does ???
  •   your friend like spaghetti?

  •  the children go to school on Fridays?

  •  your sister watch TV in the morning?

  •  he read sometimes comics ?

  •  the girls like football?

  •  they go to sleep at 9 o’clock?

  •  she play on computer ?

  •  the dog like to eat meat ?

  •  you speak English or German?
  •  he like cats?

Write these words in plural.  Add  -s,-es, -ies, -ves                     .ëúáå áøáéí

a boy -            a pencil-         a peach-        a potato-       2
a box-           2 a baby-            a table-        a bus-           5
a city-        5   a dish-             a robot-         a knife-           2
a girl-             a fox-               a toy-            a tomato-       2
a dress-       10 a beach-         2   a lady-          a monkey-       7
a bench-      2 a brush-         10  a snake-         a door-           2 
a bike-            a desk-           9    a pen-             a tree-           8
a story-          a body-          2    a glass-           a way-            2
a leaf-             a key-          5   a cherry-      a duck -          6
a day-           9   a chair-          an egg -         a wish-            2

  Write these words in plural.   Example:     one    goose             four geese        

one child



one man


one woman



one person


one tooth




one fish


one deer


one foot




    by Victoria Barachman

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