Singular - Close to speaker

Singular-Far fromspeaker

Plural- Close to speaker

Plural-Far fromspeaker

- Choose the correct option:
1. flower is lilac.
2. flowers arered.
3. flower is yellow.
4. flowers are pink.
- Change the sentences from singular to plural.
1. That airplane is small.
2. This ball is colourful.
3.That is Mary's dog.
4. Thisapple looks delicious.
5.That balloon is red.
- Choose the correct option.
1.This That These Those flowersare blooming.
2.This That These Thosebutterly is pretty.
3. This ThatThese Thosefrog is catching a fly.
4. This ThatThese Thosegirls are having fun!
Anna Pessa






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