Singular - Close to speaker

Singular - Far from speaker

Plural - Close to speaker

Plural - Far from speaker

 - Choose the correct option:
1.  flower is lilac.    
2.  flowers are red.  
3. flower is yellow.                                                                                 
4.  flowers are pink.                                                               
- Change the sentences from singular to plural.
1. That airplane is small.                                                             
2. This ball is colourful. 
3.  That is Mary's dog.                                                                                          
 4. This apple looks delicious.    
  5.  That balloon is red.                                                                                                     
- Choose the correct option.
1. This That These Those  flowers are blooming.                                                                        
2.This That These Those   butterly is pretty.      
3. This That These Those  frog is catching a fly.                                                              
4. This That These Those  girls are having fun! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                Anna Pessôa






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