1. His shirt _____ blue
A is
B are
C am

2. Homer is ______
A Bartís father
B The father of Bart
C Fatherís Bart

3. ďHow old are you?Ē ď_____________Ē
A Iím fine, thanks
B Iím Susan
C Iím ten years old

4. Sheís got _______ hair
A skirt
B long
C fat

5. On Saturdays Bart ______
A go to the cinema
B goes to the cinema
C going to the cinema


6. The woman is _______ with his dog.

A walking

B running

C playing

7.††† The man is reading a _____.

A newspaper

B paper

C book

8.††† The man is _______ .

A smoking

B sitting

C wearing

9. ††† The man is wearing a ______.††††††

A cap

B hat††††

C necklace††††††††

10. There is a dog ________ the women.

A behind

B in front of

C next to††


Timmy is ten. Heís short. Heís got (11)_______ fair hair.
He likes playing video games but he (12) ______ spinach.
He can jump really high but he (13)_______ a bicycle.
Vicky is (14) ________. Last week, they (14)________
at the Cinema.
11. A long B short C thin
12. A isnít like B doesnít like C doesnít likes
13. A canít drive B canít rides C canít ride
14. A Timmyís babysitter B the babysitter of Tommy C Timmyís father
15. A were B was C be

16. There arenít any _____ in the office.
A computers
B plants
C people
17. There is a picture _____ the wall.
A in
B on
C between
18. There is a lamp on a desk _______ a plant.
A next to
B under
C behind
19. There is a _____ on a desk behind the chair.
A computer
B plant
C telephone
20. There isnít a _____ on the desk behind the chair.
A lamp
B computer
C telephone






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